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Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the identified needs of each child and young person in our care. Make them feel safe, loved and cared for. Help them overcome difficulties, fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

How we achieve this....

We achieve this by building trusting relationships through shared positive experiences and implementing an informed approach to each child's individual needs. Setting clear routines and boundaries and providing a consistent and stable loving home.

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Riverside Lodge

Our welcoming flagship home is a stone’s throw from the beautiful “Country Park” where there are many opportunities for young people to explore, experience and see. We also have bike tracks, cinemas and leisure facilities that are all nearby and we are always on the lookout to find new hidden gems so that our young people are presented with plenty of opportunities to try something new.
The home has 6 substantial en-suite bedrooms ( 4 for the children and 2 for the supporting adults) a large lounge, games room, kitchen, dining room and therapeutic room. It also has extensive gardens to the rear which are ideal for the children to explore mother nature.

Emotional Wellbeing
& Support

  • Children are encouraged and supported to personalise their bedrooms as well as contributing to the personalisation of the communal/social areas. This input will enable the children to feel valued within the home.
  • Experiences provide us with opportunities and shape our development, therefore at SCS we take pride in offering a wide range of activities on a weekly basis. We also ensure that our children have a holiday each year which adds to the positive experiences they will entail in our care. 
  • All children in our care will have their own memory boxes and photo albums which represent the journey they have experienced with us.
  • The children are encouraged to express their individual thoughts and feelings. They will all be given 1:1 time, be invited to participate in Children’s Meetings, there is also a “My Thoughts” box located within the home where they can confidentially write on a card and post in to the box 
  • Where education is difficult for a child we will source an in house educational package tailored to the child’s specific needs
  • We work hard to ensure that each child and young person’s social, emotional, behavioural, health and educational needs are being met. Working collaboratively and effectively with other multi-agency professionals ensures we meet those needs. We have a clinical lead who supports the home and take pride in being able to signpost and make referrals to other services that can support our children furthermore