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Meet the team.

It was vital that we recruited team members who are committed in wanting to come and join us on this special journey working with children and young people. All our team members have been to look around the home prior to having an interview, which is important for them to get a feel of the home and to understand our ethos and vision. Working with like for like people who share a passion for having a positive influence to children and young people and who want to make and create a difference and promote positive outcomes. Positive role modelling and emulating a family home is our vision, which will be underpinned by our approach and relationship building.

Collectively the team have a wealth of experience in childcare and residential childcare. Each team member have been given designated lead roles, which empowers them to specialise within the specific focussed area of need within. This also allows for our team members to coach and mentor the rest of the team with regards to their expanded and enhanced knowledge.

Our RI –

Andy has almost 40 years’ experience in Residential Child Care. His career began with National Children’s Homes (Action for Children) as a ‘residential social worker’ in May 1983 before joining Oldham Social Services in 1985. Here he progressed from a Residential Support Worker to Deputy Manager in 1989 and Registered Homes Manager in 1991 working in several of the local authorities children’s homes. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Management in 2002 at Manchester Metropolitan University and his Diploma in Social Work in 2005 at Stockport College. He was appointed to the Head of Residential Services post at Kirklees Council in 2006 before joining a private provider in 2013 as their Head of Care and Responsible Individual.

Andy has since worked as a consultant with a major insurer of Social Care providers as well as roles as a Responsible Individual.

‘’My vision is that a child’s placement at Riverside Lodge is a positive one, encouraging them to feel safe, happy, considered and wanted in a warm, nurturing environment. I will endeavour to ensure that staff are trained and supported to provide quality care. Underpinning all of the above will be a commitment by all to anti discriminatory practices’’.

Becky the Homes Manager has worked in residential childcare since 2006, working within various Homes within NELC (Mainstream EBD, Disability and Respite). Becky has also worked in front line Social Work as a Case Worker within the Referral and Assessment Service and also worked within Children’s Out of Hours Service. Becky has an NVQ Level 4, NVQ Assessors Award, ILM Level 3 and ILM Level 5 in First Line Management along with completing a plethora of training courses to aid her knowledge and skill base with regards to working with vulnerable children who have experienced trauma and neglect. Becky is the trained Designated Safeguarding Lead within the Home. The wellbeing of the children, young people and the team is paramount. Becky is the ‘’Gordan Ramsay’’ of the Home as she likes to cook from scratch and will regularly take an office break by preparing the evening meal and by encouraging children and young people to explore different taste sensations.

‘’My vision is to create a safe and nurturing environment where positive relationships become established so that children and young people can reach their absolute potential’’.

Ellen the Deputy Homes Manager has over 25 years experience within Social Care, Ellen has completed her Level 3 and Level 5 in First Line Management. Ellen’s goal is to become a Registered Manager in the coming years. Ellen describes herself as ‘’high maintenance’’ but what that means for Ellen is that she expects the Home to remain in the highest of standards and for the children to have the best possible care. Ellen has often been referred to as the ‘’Kardashian’’ of the Home. Ellen has a strong work ethic and ethos, Ellen has worked hard all of her life and this resonates down to the children and young people that she supports. Ellen is also renowned for making the best Yorkshire Puddings and cups of tea!

‘’My vision is to create a warm and welcoming nurturing environment where children can learn and grow’’.

Katrina is a senior residential support worker who has experience of working within mainstream EBD Children’s Homes. Katrina has experience of managing team members and she is currently completing her Level 3 in Children and Young People. Katrina has completed a Foundation Degree and a Level 4 in Mental Health. A keen adventurer and enthusiast, Katrina is committed to making a difference and takes every opportunity to provide unique experiences and adventures outside of the Home, Katrina is often referred to as a female version of ‘’Bear Grylls’’. These experiences promote inclusion, problem solving, self-esteem, team building and self-confidence. Katrina is well known for packing her own bags and escaping with a tent and a pair of hiking shoes.

‘’My vision is the now and the future of young people, a Home inclusive of every single person, to ensure everyone feels loved, safe and respected so that the children and recognise their own potential’’.

Steve is a senior residential support worker and has worked in social care for 13 years within a residential school and the past 3 years as a senior child care officer. Steve has his Level 3 in Children and Young People’s Work Force Social Care Pathway. He has completed several training courses over the years such as Team Teach, Fire Safety, Safeguarding Children, Asthma training, Foetal alcohol syndrome, first aid training and supervision training. Steve’s goal is to learn as much as possible about children’s homes in relation to transferring his skills and knowledge across to this role. Steve is completing additional training in relation to the training hub and he also has some bespoke trauma training booked.

‘’My vision is to give all the children and young people a caring and lovely home, to provide positive role modelling and consistency for them and work as part of a team to promote positive outcomes for each child”

 Ria is a residential support worker and has worked in residential childcare for 5 years, Ria has worked in various settings from disability to EBD. Ria is a qualified team member and is an established and competent Key Worker. Ria strives to make and create positive relationships, where children and young people have always responded well to. Ria has also completed an abundance of training and development courses relevant to this role. Ria has the potential to progress within her role. Ria is our resident ‘’Paris Hilton’’ loves to shop, all things clothing, cleaning, toiletry wise, in an nut shell we have to hide the bank card from Ria.

‘’My vision is to create a positive future through trust, respect and love from people who genuinely care’’

Courtney is a residential support worker and has a wealth of experience of working within early years childcare, she has a level 3 and 5 in Early Years and has also completed her DSL training within this setting being an Advanced Practitioner. Courtney has started to complete the relevant training for her new role as Residential Support Worker and has shown enthusiasm and determination. Courtney is the ‘’Mary Berry’’ of the team as she enjoys baking with the children and young people.

‘’My vision is our Home, where love thrives, friendships grow and aspirations become full-filled’’.

Bruce is a  residential support worker and has 5 years residential child care experience. He holds a level 3 in residential child care, fire safety, health and safety and safeguarding children trained. Bruce will be undertaking our bespoke training early 2023 and is registered on the training hub. He would like to develop in to his role and progress within the industry. Bruce completed the TRM in December 2022.

‘’My vision is for the children to leave our care having developed effective life skills and to feel happy with the life and care that they have had at Riverside Lodge’’.